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Your Source for Site Construction in North Augusta, SC

CSRA Site Work & Pavement, Inc. is your source for quality site construction in North Augusta, SC. We are a full-service site construction company with a team of experienced personnel and state-of-the-art equipment. We are your best source for optimum service, with attention to detail at every level. We work with you every step of the way to ultimate completion and graphing your work site.

Complete Site Preparation

Site preparation is a detailed process that prepares a lot for construction. A contractor has to complete several tasks to ensure the rest of the project goes smoothly. By prepping the area ahead of time, we make it easier to begin the next stage of construction without delay. Count on our team for the following site prep tasks:

Clearing • Grading • Building Pads • Erosion Control • Grassing

Underground Infrastructure

No matter the scope of your project, proper drainage will be essential. Accumulating water can result in foundation damage and other problems as the project continues. We help prevent water-related structural damage with the installation of various infrastructure components. Our concrete work promotes effective drainage for your construction project by creating paths for water to flow freely. Our underground infrastructure services include implementing or constructing:

Water Mains • Sewer Systems • Storm Systems • Detention Ponds

Concrete Work

Give your project a solid foundation with concrete work from our contractors. We have experience handling many of your concrete-related needs so that we can fulfill your requests. Using premium building materials, we do quality work that improves accessibility, drainage, and stability throughout the project. Our concrete company offers the lasting durability you want for your project. Count on us to construct:

Sidewalks • Curb & Gutter • Concrete Slabs

Asphalt Paving

You want roadways and other paved areas to be smooth and long-lasting. Otherwise, uneven spots and potholes could result in expensive vehicle damage and safety risks for pedestrians. Create driving and parking lot areas that are level and durable with asphalt paving from our crew. We use the highest quality asphalt possible and carefully lay it to create an even surface. Let us take care of your:

Roads • Parking Lots • Driveways • Patch Work

Site Construction in North Augusta, GA